What is .saruhheartschaos.©?


Bombest myspace bitch EVAAAAAAA.

Loves everyone... in a PG way.

Thinks that every third city block should be made entirely of trampoline material.

Always wears rainbows, because they make the non-homophobe world smile.

Because of this... is nick-named 'RAINBOW BRIGHT and/or FRIGHT' depending on who's speaking.

Wears tutus and goes to local shows.

Doesn't 'hardcore' dance at said shows.

... Do you know how hard it is to slamdance in a tutu and snow boots? No, I didn't think so.

Loves Megan Marie and SHELBIE SABOTAGE with her whole fucking heart.

Gets 'hated on' by towniesand Uber-Goths.

NATURAL HABITAT: Mall, Mainstream... odd places that no one claims to go to... but always mention that they've seen her at.

FAVORITE COMEBACK: 'You want a good comeback, assface? Wipe it off your mom's chin...'


PERSON1:"Did you see SHELBIE SABOTAGE and .SaruhHEARTSChaos.© at the mall today?"

PERSON2:"OMFG YES! They're so cool they make my face hurt... :("


"Oh no.. that's just .SaruhHEARTSChaos.©"


See chaos, bombest, bitch, myspace, scene kids, scene, kids, rainbow, townie, haters, uber-goth


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