What is /?


character appended to the beginning of a word to denote that anything preceeding this word is now complete or terminated. Taken from hypertext language tag conventions.

No known pronounciation when used in this context.

So I am just tired of hearing her whine.



The root filepath in linux. The place where everything starts in linux.

The beginning of the filesystem


See linux, unix, *nix, operating system



The best thing ever.

The pairing of two male characters from any fandom, also used to denote a fanfiction in which this happens- with NON-animu characters!

That is called shohen-ai or something. I can't spell it. I'm not Japanese.


fuckwad: "Did you read that new South Park yaoi doishiji?"

Figure.10: *quizical glance* "Uh..you mean the South Park slash comic?"

fuckwad: "Comic?!?"

Figure.10 *facepalm*

Later that day---

Figure.10: "la la de da la la.."

Rabid fangirls: "ATTACK!!!"


*is killed*

See fail, japanese, anime, rabid fangirls, first amendment


Used in fanfiction to define a romantic pairing, usually slash.

In the Panic! At The Disco fandom, the most common slash pairing is Ryan/Brendon.

See fanfiction, slash, fandom, p!atd, gay


symbol linking two characters in a movie, game, manga, book or whatever in a romantic way. You don't say it, though, it's just written.

In Harry Potter, I ship Harry/Draco

See Julia


usually what is pressed by weak pinkies while typing a question.

<iPwnn00bslol> I r teh having much of fun f@gs

<iDununderstanding> what?/

See what?, /, slash, blargh


1. Common name for the slant

2. Coder/Hacker/1337's syntax for saying "whatever follows this slash is now over/stopped/done having an effect"

3. Used in combination and often rendered as a virgule in print.


1. `/', ASCII 0101111)

2. /stupid example

3. a waiter/dancer/single mom.


this emoticon is the same as saying: =/ OR :/

Man! I cant go out tonight... /

See :/, =/, ugh, man, no


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