What is //?


The symbol "//" is used mostly in roleplaying forums to denote "slash," or roleplays containing male/male or female/female romantic pairings. In contrast, "straight" romantic roleplays are often denoted with two upright lines (||). The use of "//" was popularized on the Neopetsroleplaying board, where the use of the word "slash" and other synonyms (shounen-ai, yaoi, etc.) have been banned. However, as Neopets staff members have apparently begun to catch on to the meaning of "//," shutting down boards that advertise it, it is likely that this term, too, will soon be replaced by something more obscure.

common roleplaying board titles, particularly on Neopets:


// highschool

{modern fantasy}{//}{||}

See slash, shounen-ai, yaoi, ||


Means "BoyxBoy" or "GirlxGirl" in usual RPGs. Very cute usually, but they do grow on you.

Steven and Alden like playing around in Steven's bed after hours. // Kind of playing.

See bl, yaoi, sex, romance, shounen-ai


The two slash marks // when used in texting,short communications like Twitter, Facebook updates, and pictures represents loveor the love of someone or something. Using the two slash marks // is the same as saying, I love you. The two slash marks can be used in conjuction with modifiers to create short sentences and greater explanations of the love felt.

Goodnight JJ. //

// you babe.


// so much.

// Quack!

See love, hate, in love, adore, head over heals


//, used in front of a statement containing sarcasm in email/IM/message boards, because it's hard to convey sarcasm without face-to-face contact or smilies.

First coined on newstoday, which incidentally has a high percentage of jaded designer types and no emoticons.

AIM kiddie: "DOOD, I TTLY LURVE TEH HOFF!!!111eleventy"

Jaded designer type: "//Yeah, i can't get enough of that hackneyed internet obsession either."

See sarcasm, aim, email, smilies, emoticons


Symbol standing for parallel.

The roads are // to each other.


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