What is 0-60?


The time it takes for a vehicle to reach a speed of 60 mph. For this test the vehicle is required to start at a stand still position. The Fastest 0-60 time ever recorded is 1.7 seconds by the Lingenfelter ZO6 Corvette. Unfortunateley none were ever produced for the public. The fastest 0-60 time by a normal production car is the Koenigsegg CC with a time of 3.0 .






the time it takes (Measured in seconds) for something to reach 60 mphfrom a standing start.

Contrary to popular belief, most cars cannot achieve such speeds. There is only enough fuel in the car for a test run, and the driver is an expert who builds up the revs and then releases at just the right time (too much and he gets some wheel-spain). No consideration is given as to whether the clutch lasts the test.

0-60 times are innacurate, and you should typically add 20% of that time on for a realistic pull-off.

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