What is 007?


The codename of legendary Secret Service Agent, James Bond

And please double ough seven, try not to destroy this one car.


Half the man 014 is.


One who shags many beautiful women

See Mi-6


Nickname for surgical residents (or any other member of the house staff) who kills patients.

That intern killed another patient last night. He might as well be 007, he's licensed to kill.


Awesome spy, 73|-| best in the world.

A.K.A.: James Bond

00= license to kill

7=the number of teh person that has the license the kill, so they're are 7 more people.... like Trevelyan (I hopeI spell ed it right)


Urban word meaning of being "Single".

As in James Bond 007, he's a "Free Agent"

Chat-up line:

So gal, you's hitched, dating or 007?

See Bruce Lee


Its a drink.

Orange vodka, orange juice, and 7 up.

Get it? 007?

Bartender, I'll have a 007.


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