What is 010?


010, a written representation of mammary penetration, also known as titty fucking. to two '00's' representing the whores tits, and the 1 representing a big hard cock.

bro, 010 in the hizzur.

hi im a whore, do you care to titty fuck me then cum on my face?

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using your dick to give it to 2 vaginas, one after the other....

i had to 010 because one girl didnt leave

See three way, sex, fucking, do it, double ds


When three people try to do a "three-way" 69er. Can be done by MMM, MMF, MFF, or FFF.

John: Me, Sarah and Jill tried an 010 last night, but Jill chickened out and me and Sarah were left doing a 69.

James: Dang.

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