What is $?


Dollar sign.

Two or more of these together can either be a short way to talk about money over the internet, and can also be used to describe something that is really cool/great/elite etc.

1) That will be $2.95, please.

2) Come on, give me some free $$$!

3) Dude, that is so fucking $$$.


The purpose of life, the reason why you are on earth

The thing that you work so hard for everyday

also means power and respect

Person: Why do u go to school?

Young one: so i can make a lot of $

Person: Why are u so sad?

Young one: Man i am broke...

Person: Why are u so happy?

Young one: I just won the lottery!!

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1. The sign for the US dollar.

2. General sign for money.

Unlike common conceptions Money is not all that great, currency (say.... gold) has true value, but money is essentially a promise from the government that distributes the money that you can get stuff for it.

So when most people say they want money, they mean they want currency.

It is widely believe that there are some things that you cannot buy with money. This is not strictly true.

You can infact, buy things like love with money if you can purchase....

1. a time machine

2. atomic reconstructor

3. genetic manipulator

4. brainwashing machine

"Sum dude said i couldn't buy love with money, but i showed them when i used my brainwashing machine!"

"That guy said i could never stop a idea, i showed him when i used my time machine to go back in time and keel the d00d."

"ALL HAIL $$$! $$$ is great!"

"... you mean currency."

"whatever man, same thing."

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Money thats worth fuck all in England, just like American Tourists.

£££ > $$$

Pounds > Dollars

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Dollor Sign

1. Resembles money

2. Found on fine jewelry: Bling or ice

3. A mark placed before a number to indicate that it stands for dollars $ (US and/or Canada)

4. Symbol found over the "4" on a keyboard (not number pad) and can be obtained by pressing the "Shift" key and the number "4" key simotainiously.

5. Commonly used with various other symbols to censor curse words.

6. Used in encrypting and encoding.

7. Used in place of the letter "S"

"I just got some $$$ today"

"That cost a shitload of $$$"

"$1.50 for bottled water?!?"

"F$%# You!!"

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The dollar sign is sometimes used for fees. Usually $ = $100, $$ = $200, $$$ = $300 and so on. Often .5 signifies $50, so $$.5 would mean $250.

Escort: She charges $$$ per hour.


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