What is 1-2-3-4!?


A sequence often used at the start of rock songs. It has several variants including "A 1 A 2, A 1-2-3-4!"

However it sounds a litle stupid in the middle of songs (see Altogether Now by the Beatles).

ALso the first 4 numbers!

1-2-3-4 cue brilliant rock or really lame derivative song.

See Lambchops


This is a term associated with rock music, notably punk rock as this is what a given band member would yell out right before starting a song at a concert. It was made famous by the New York punk rock band The Ramones, whose bassist Dee Dee Ramone would always yell out before every song

and sometimes even during them.

"Dude, you think Dee Dee's voice gets tired from yelling 1-2-3-4! all the time?"


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