What is 1/5?


1. A commonly carried bottle of liquor that is 1/5 of a Gallon. Refered to as a "fifth" not "one-fifth".

2.Refering to a gun

1. "Because if a fifth was a fifth we all be drunk..."

2. Nas calls his fourtyfive his "fifth": "Ma, reach in your bag. Pass the fifth, I'm a leader at last" --Made you look


4/20 reduced to its simplest terms, so now there is a second Smoking Day for all you potheads on January 5th. Have fun toking up.

Man, I just can't wait for 4/20. Tommorow is January 5th (1/5), wanna ditch school and go toke up?

See 4/20, 420, four twenty, toke up, weed, pot, blunt, dro, hydro, grass, joint, dank, kush, nugget, nug, marijuana, mary jane, cannabis, thc


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