What is 10-4?


APCO 10-code for "I understand your transmission"

Fairfax to car 459, we've got a 10-50 on 95 south of exit 150



10-4 means "OK," "understood," and "affirmative." Commonly known as CB radio lingo, originating from the need for brevity in radio transmission.

me--"Is anyone there?"

respondent--" 10-4"(to indicate presence).

me--"Let's roll."

respondent--"10-4"(to indicate agreement).

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An acknowledgement

ME: Whats your location

YOU: Just crossing the bridge

ME: 10-4


a example in which whilst playing halo or halo-2 or any other first person shooter its when u melee some one in the face u scream of yell 10-4

Hey steve i just 10-4ed u in the face

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Refering to a scale of 1 thru 10; when a person, male or female, has a smoking hot body and a not so attractive face.

Damn, that girl/guy is smoking hot from the neck down but her/his face leaves something to desire.

Yeah, she/he is definitely a 10-4

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A girl who is a 10 from far away but a 4 from up close.

"That girl over there is hot!"

"Here she comes.."

"Wait...nope...we got ourselves another 10-4."

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