What is 100%?


no doubt about it; cempletely; totally; for sure; of course; naturally; in an expected way or order

can be used before, in middle, or at end of sentence, however you see fit.

1. 100% I wanna have sex with that girl!

2. someone says or does something you're excited and happy to hear: friend: I think we should go out tomorrow night You: '100% we will!"

3. hell yeah! 100%

See totally, no doubt, way, for sure, hell yeah


in short, it reads across as ‘one-hundred percent’, meaing ‘the most’.

1)full effort; all; maximal exertion (as applying to a sport, usually)

2)completion (commonly of a particular RPG):

a] in utterly the sumpremest, truest sense of the word;


b.] virtually, or for intensive or practical purposes (can vary)

Note that that the second use of ‘100%’ can serve as many parts of speach simply by adding a different suffix.

{100% = completion to the fullest extent}

100%ly = adverb

100%'r or 100%er = person (noun)

100%'d or 100%ed = past-tense form of verb (usually transitive)

. . . and so on . . .

1) The football coach told us not to give our 100%, but to give him our 110-or-112%.

2) Mike thought th't he 100%'d his video-game savefile, until he later found out, became aware, of everything he missed, at none other than the GFs messageboard, at which point he displayed himself as a genuine n00b.

See all, everything, completion, 100%ly


a description of one's self. On a scale how are you doing today?

Hey mom, im 100%


All. The 'per cent' ratio is based on a scale of one hundred. Thus, if the highest number possible in a certain category was changed to one hundred, the total that is possessed/achieved is one hindred.

I have found 100% of my lost socks since 2005 began.


-meaning totally, really, truly

Dude, I 100% bought a new bass yesterday.


It is the very best it could be.

That girl is 100%


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