What is !=?


Definition: "not equal to."

Background: In most popular programming languages, "!" belongs to a class of operators known as "logic operators." Basically, it just stands for "not", "opposite", or "false", depending on what the context is. Two other operators are in this class: " ||" for "or", and "&&" for "and".

"!=" belongs to another class of operators called "comparison operators." Also in this class are things like "==" (equals), ">=" (greater than or equal to), "<" (less than), etc.

5 != 6 :: Five (is) not equal to Six.

Short != Tall :: Short (is) not equal to Tall


Not equal to.

Hooper != h4x0r


Used in various programming languages to denote "Not-Equal".

Justin != Josh.

A != B.

1 != 3.

See c++, c#, java, javascript, programming


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