What is 11/11?


The Eleventh day of the Eleventh Month. Known as Veteran's Day or Armstice Day in America. The day when World War I ended. Is also considered a holiday for some American schools.

When's Veteran's Day?



In Germany the 11th of the 11th (11th of November) marks the begin of the carnival season. Carnival is mainly in, but not limited to, Colognge and the surrounding area. Carnival generally ends sometime between the 4th of February and the 10th of March. The carnival season is often considered to be the "5th Season".

Activities on and after 11/11 include:


-Dressing up and going to a parade


-Listening to cheesy carnival songs


See carnival, germany, cologne, deutschland, beer, drinking, Phil


A term used by fans of Lord of the Ringsto signify the Return of the Kingwinning all eleven academy awards it was nominated for.

Dude, did you see the 2004 Oscars?

Yeah, ROTK went 11/11!


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