What is 112?


This is a very talented group of man from the ATl Atlanta, GA. Originally from Bad Boy Records P.Diddynow with Def Jamand Bad Boy. Group members: Q(Quinnes Daymond Parker),Daron Jones, Slim(Marvin), and Mike(Micheal Keith). Their albums: 112, Room 112, PartIII, and Hot & Wet. Songs that you might know: Cupid, Only You feat Biggie, Come See Me, Love You Like I Did, Peaches & Cream, Anywhere, Dance Wit Me, Hot & Wet feat Ludacris, NA NA NA, and It's Over Now. They feature on songs with Mobb Deep, Allure, Faith Evens, Carl Thomas, Mario Winins, and Biggie.

Almost like New Edition but way better.


a popular r&b group

Did you hear the new 112 song ft. Ludacris?

See peter phung


112 is the universal emergency phonenumber in Europe

If you dail it, you will always be connected to the nearest emergency-centre, no matter where you are, or how many phonecredit you have.

there has been an accident, quick, call 112

See 911, emergency, phone, ambulance, help, sos, s.o.s, s.o.s., hepl, help me, accident, wounded, police, fire, hospital, red cross, assistance, backup, 0611, M.C.S


To leave, end, done, finished, thru, break up, gone

Hey Babbit I must 112 it because my mama made some fried chicken. Dude, I got to 112. Oh, shit you're gonna 112 the spot? That f**kin bitch 112 me!

See end, done, over and out, gone


You already know, done, or complete

Son did you finish your homework. I'm gonna 112 the situation why because you already know.

See complete, done, finished, stupid, question, Bubs


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