What is 11215?


Park Slope's area code. People who live in this are include: People who walk around with nothing better to do, people who know where the Pavillion is and have actually seen movies there, Ave kids who hang out at Pino's, people who shop at Beacon's closet, people who drink coffee from any number of different cafes, people who have spent over 3 dollars for a single piece of chocolate from places like The Chocolate Room- and don't regret it- people who walk into stores tinier than their apartments and find 101 things they don't need at prices that the average person cant afford, people who are artists, hippies, the occasional gangster (it's still Brooklyn), JAPS, lovely gay couples, young couples, inter-racial couples, couples, couples with kids, old couples who refuse to leave, old couples who just moved in etc...

11215 is the Manhattan of Brooklyn..

See park slope, japs


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