What is 12?


The age when you are not quite a teen, Yet you are a little to old to sit at the kiddie table.

A twelve year old will usually use the insult of "fag" or "bitch" while playing an online game, Due to a lack of thought to come up with anything original. see Runescapeor Counter Strike.

This is also the age where most mall goths are born. When approaching teen years an individual will be looking for an identity. Also they will develop a sense of rebellion. Thus adopting the mall gothsubculture. Seeing as how it is rather frightening and exotic when one first examines somone clad in make up and fishnet. But as the 12 year old gets older hopefully they will realise how silly it is.

The 12 year old male will usually talk alot of shit. Because he is so close to his teen years and little pubes are starting to sprout he feels the need to be a man. Which usually results in the 12 year old getting his shit ruined.

The 12 year female will have a tendency to dress more revealing or slutty due to her body developing. She feels the need to show it off like the pop stars on TV. This is where most fights with the parents start in.

Clint: Goddamn, This server is overrun with 12 year olds.


The Police. Any law enforcement agent. See also "PO-PO" and "ONE-TIME."

Shouting "TWELVE" when the cops are spotted approaching the scene of some illegal activity.


Without any doubt what so ever, 12 is the greatest number of all time. it's not likely that anyone does'nt know this but for those of you who want to be reminded of just how good 12 is here... Months in a Year? Hours in a.m? some of the finest rugby players have worn 12, the number of the inside centre jersey in union. The board of friends officialy recognized this, and one of it's main aims is to spread the knowledge of this fact. In the history of the universe,only 12 things have happened, numer 3 being dinosaurs and number 11 being star wars. this isn't a crackpot theory, throughout any given day you will see at least three 12 references. Snoop Dogg's favourite number is also 12.

"everyone knows 12 is great. even dead people still appreciate the 12th of the month"

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the age at which most kids think its cool to say "thats so fucking retarded" after every sentence.claim that music is their life and have silly little relationships that never work out

child1: thats sofucking retarded

kid2: wow you cursed you must be really cool

teenager: they must be like 12

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Any girl that is not 18 (AKA of legal age) is automatically labeled as being 12.

Guy A: Ummm there is WAYYY too much 12 here for my taste.

Guy B: Great... I shouldn't have to card my own dates!

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10-12 is a cb-radio 10 code which means "visitors present". It was a way to let someone on the other end know to be careful on what they said. Today it can be used to warn someone to stop talking about something or to be careful what they talk about at that moment.

Hey we got 12's.


Uhmm I was going to say something but there are 12's.

See twelve


A 12 is a teenager. When you are under 18, you are a 12.

It really doesn't matter if you aren't basically 12. 13,14,15,16,17. If you're any of these ages, you are a 12. Period.

Boy: I'm under 18.

Boy2: You are a 12.

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