What is 12"?


12 inch vinyl LP, Maxi or Long Play


a single, derived from back in the day of 12 inch vinyls which typically had one song.

also 1,2 because single songs on a 12 inch vinly were easier to switch and mix on a 2-deck turnatable

nowadays it is considered normally as the first single to be released from an upcoming album and referred to as a promo track

"One two, one two, one two, one two

So you wanna start up, what we gonna tear shit up?

I said let the turntables talk for me at first

And then I should finish the rest"

-X-ecutioners "Live form the pj's"

See Bruce


The best mix that a song can have. It is usually longer, easier to mix, and you can juggle beats from the instrumental with the main 12" mix on a pair of decks.

12" is the way to gop for good mixes and to get good crowd reactions.


A big dick that can make a chicks legs tremble in fear. To hard to grip as big as a humans beings forarm.

O my gosh i fucked dis dude wit dis 12" that made me cry i couldn't resist it was just to big.

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