10 A G

What is 10 A G?


Refers to any mid/high grade marijuana that sells for $10 a gram (average price)

Scenario 1

Buyer: "Yo dog how much for an eighth (3.5grams) of that good outdoor you be pushin?"

Seller: "$35 US Currency dog you know how I do straight up $10 a G!! No credit cards accepted"

Scenario 2

Buyer: "I'd like to purchase an eighth of your finest marijuana please, fine sir!"

Seller: "I can sell you 3.5grams of my best chronic for $50. But if you'd prefer, I also have some good normal weed for $10 a gram."

See gram, grams, g, ten, 10 a g, 10, marijuana, weed, bud, buds, nug, nugs, bomb, good, chronic, piff, pot, hash, sell, slang, hustle, chron, slangin, hustling


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