What is 1. A Slang Word For Female Genitalia.?

The insult can be used instead of cunt to lessen the impact of the insult, and can sometimes be used in an affectionate manner. i.e.

Haw, fannybaws, whit are you daein'?

See when ah see that wee fannybaws, ahm gonnae buy him a beer.

Etc, etc.

See fannybaws, fanny, baws, fanniebaws, fannie


derogatory term applicable to anyone failing to see the light

he's a fannybaws


NewAge term for twatface.

Originated in Glasgow.

"What do you think of Tony Blair? The man's a fannybaws!"


derogatory Glasgow term to describe an act of insane stupidity, also known as doing a JC.

Hey bloody hell, fannybaws!


A word which has it's origins in the west coast of Scotland,dated from around the turn of the new millenium, often used to "wind-up" anyone associated with or employed by celtic football club

Arthur "the claw" Duncan


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