What is !??


Punctuation to be used when you realize you're f*cked or when something very unexpected happens. Halway between a question and exclamation.

Guy: Barack Obama is gay

Guy 2: !?

Guy: New Zealand isn't part of Australia!?

Guy: You're pregnant!?

See !?, wtf, ?, !, hmm, oh crap


a geological term dating back to the middle ages meaning "WHAT THE FUCK?" at an end to a phrase or sentence.

Man1: Dood i w1sh i culd B 0n Atk 0f t3h sh0wz

Man2: !?

See what, the, fuck, and, hell


hella surprised or shocked

some ho: im havin a baby wit yo brotha

homie: wut tha fuck!?

See homie


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