What is 12:34?


Only the coolest time ever. It only happens twice a day when the numbers go in complete succession. Dare I say, even cooler than 11:11

"11:11, make a wish!"

"nah dude, i'm going to wait for 12:34--its MUCH cooler!"

"oh, respect"

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a spiritual time of day that only occures twice a day, even luckier then 11:11. runors say that you have to be shirtless at 12:34 for it to actually work though.

dude its 11:11 make a wish

nah man i'm waiting for 12:34

but dude i dont wanna see you shirtless

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txt code for weed and a good time to smoke

txt message:

yo, 12:34?

yea give me 5 min.

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