5 6 Ace

What is 5 6 Ace?


A different way of saying 561, which is the area code for Palm Beach County which is in South Florida.

Triple J made 5-6-ace popular in his songs instead of saying 5-6-1; Triple J has a video premiering on BET this summer, so watch out for it, and download his latest mixtape from triplejmusic --- and listen to Squeeze, What the lick read, and Jump.

Guy 1: Where you stay at?

Guy 2: da 5 6 ace


(From Triple J's song Welcome To Palm Beach):

Welcome to Palm Beach, the five six ace, the place, where hoes get in ya face, ain't even safe / so keep the hollow points in / from raw-viera down to boynton / even lake worth to jointen (to the Lean Back beat)

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