What is 134?


slang for "i love you" as a variation of 143. this slang arises from one who has never heard of the 143 reference and therefore can't remember what he or she is supposed to say when the opportunity to use the phrase arises.

"dude pick me up some bojangles on your way back"

"alright, what do you want?"

"bacon, egg and cheese biscuits are delicious....134"

"what's 134?"

"143, 134, whatever...just bring me the biscuits"

See 143, love, bojangles, biscuits, awesomeness


A variation of "143" (meaning I love you), 134 means, "I ass fuck."

When trying to figure out what "134" could stand for, I yelled "I ASS FUCK" right in front of a teacher.


If you type 134 on a classic calculator, and turn it 180degrees, a word will appear on your screen...


"7353 135" = "Hei esel"

Translated to english: "Hi Donkey"


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