1 And 2

What is 1 And 2?


Reference to Fight Club, whose two first rules were both 'Do not talk about Fight Club'. May be used for anything secret, particularly an organization or group of some sort.

Person A: How's the plan coming along?

Person B: 1 and 2, man! Shut up!

See secret, rules, fight club, numbers


The most destructive phase ever spoken, believed to be created by a group of youths during a game of coins way back in 2007, “1 and 2” has recently been discovered by Ukrainian militants and intelligence informs us that they are planning to use it at the Beijing 2008 Olympics to cause a mass state of chaos and havoc.

game of coins

Ringo: Ahhh ya missed

Clair: No pointing with your elbow! 2 shots!

Jason: Ahhh Rimmmmmaaaaaa ave anota shot

Jarrad: Rim this ya gay!

Tomo: ay got im, your out piss off!

Pete: 1 and 2

mass destruction, broken tv cabinet, flipped table, buckets everywhere

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