16 And Pregnant

What is 16 And Pregnant?


a show on MTVfeaturing the trashy teenagers of America.

it's about 16 -year old sluts who get pregnant and then whine and complain about it. no one forced to you to put that dick between your legs.

basically these girls are gonna end up being highschool dropouts, not doing much with their life.its gonna be us taxpayers who end up paying for their 'mistake" when they go on welfare.

why MTV made a show about this puzzles me. but it isnt the first time they made a show about white trashhoes and it sure as hell wont be the last

btw forgot to add :most of the chicks are ugly effing bitches .

one episode of 16 and pregnant involved a 16 yr old who not only was pregnant herself but her mother was too, and gave birth to the girls brother only a few months before the 16-yr-old did

now if thats not white trash thenIDK what is.

See mtv, pregnant, preggo, skank, trailer trash, ugly bitch, slut


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