What is 153?


I adore you.

1 = I

5 = Adore

3 = You

(the number of letters in each word)

As Nick was evicted from the Big Brother house, he said '153' to Daniele.

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Alcoholic beverage, also known as 'diesel', corresponding to 153 proof or 76.5% alcohol content. More pure than the highly spiced and more popular 151 (ie Bacardi rum). The strongest legal proof for alcoholic beverages in several states, and usually the strongest alcoholic beverage available besides Everclear. A common choice among college students for its cheapness (due to its simply being grain alcohol).

'My brother ran out of gas and made it home on 153. I'm serious.'

'153 shots will fuck you up asap but stay away from matches.'

See diesel, ethanol, 151, everclear


The numbers 153 mean "I adore you"

1= I



The numbers relate to the amount of letters in each word.

153, 1-5-3

Used in text messages, and IMs.

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It is the code that Big Brother 8 losers skanky Danielle and homosexual Nick use between them to mean "I adore you"

Hey Nick, even though you like sucking off other men 153!

See big brother 8, 143, text messaging


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