What is 16?


Legal age for fucking in the UK.

1. Woohoo! I'm 16! Now I can go and get my brains fucked even more by some guy.

2. Shit, now I can't fuck guys over threatening statutory rape after they fuck my brains out.

3. Woohoo! My girlfriend turned 16 today. Now I can fuck her brains out in front of the cop shop! and give them the finger at the same time! ...Next day: *knock at door* "I'm afraid we're going to have to take you to the station for indecent public behaviour, and for having sex with a minor - she turned 15 yesterday, not 16" ... "Shit, the fucking bitch slut!"


The age of consent in most countries.

When cherry's are red they're ripe for plucking, when girls are 16 they're ripe for fucking.


(n.) in rap, one verse or "sixteen" lines

Drop that 16 for us.


He had the hottest sixteen on Track 2.

See Shizz


An age in a person's life when they can start driving, get a driver's license, also commonly use "sweet sixteen"

I've having a sweet 16 birthday party today!

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16 is not to be confused with 15 or even 17. Its the age when you are able to drive and earn your independence!

If you are 16 you are pretty much an adult, which means YOU ROCK!

Now that I'm 16 years old, Im not late to school and practice any more!

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sixteen bars (sets of 4 beats) in music (usually hip-hop/rap)

spit 16, then freestyle off the back

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The age at which an American can drive a car and get a job, but still can't vote.

You can get a job and pay taxes at 16, but you still can't vote. That's taxation without representation.

See 16, car, driving, license, job


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