1337 Bacon

What is 1337 Bacon?


"1337" or "leet" is a form of speak used my idiotic morons on the internet. It comes from the word "Elite", because those morons are elites amongst the rank is idiots in this world. LAWL, NAWB!!11eight

Bacon is... well... bacon. That meat stuff. Duh.

w00t! h4, u 5u><!

Woot(exlamation of being happy or something, ask one of them losers)! Ha, u sux!(Ha, you suck! but then written so that it hurts your eyes)

1337 bacon sucks.

See 1337, w00t, n00b, bacon, lol


1337, derived from the word leet, which was derived from the word elite, known mostly to gamers

1337 bacon- newer substitute for 1337 sausage or 1337 sauce, created by a student at Tustin High School

Fukn 1337 bacon biatch!!


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