4 Banger

What is 4 Banger?


A car with 4 cylinders

The 91 Buick Skylark with a 2.5L TBI is such a beast that vipers and mustangs fear it like Cinnamon Andy.


an internal combustion engine with four cylinders, whether gas(oline) or diesel

My newest 7.5 kWatt generator is a 4 banger that's aircooled.

See Jake


4 cylinder engine (low power) usually found in rice rockets

"That ricer looks cool, but only has a 4 banger under the hood"


A car that is missing 4 cylinders due to the fact it actually only has 4 cylinders. Usually found in nice little economy cars or stupid rice mobiles.

Honda Civic ricer and a two ton Lincoln Town Carat the stop light.

Ricer: Hey ready to get your stock V8 spanked by my V-TAKCivic?

Town Car: Oh I'm sorry what did you say I couldn't hear you over my stock Alpine sound system?

The light turns green and of course the 4 Banger Civic which is supposed to just be an economy car gets destroyed by a 25 mpg two ton Lincoln Town Car.

See honda, v-tak


a 4 cylinder car

dude is that a v6?

hell no its a fucking 4 banger!

See v6, v8, ford, car


1. a motor with four cylinders in a row

2. a motor vehicle with this type of engine

A 4 banger was lying around in the garage.

See banger, four banger


1.) A vehicle in which the motor contains 4 cylinders. Different types of motors include: inline 4 cylinder (Ford Ranger), flat 4 (VW), and others.

2.) Knows to the crew of 3rd floor Mauldin, Clemson Univ.- to smoke 4 cigarettes one after the other.

-That rice rocket is slow it only has a 4 banger.

-My Ranger looks good but it still only has a 4 banger.


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