1 1/2 Base

What is 1 1/2 Base?


when a man and a woman love each other very much, and they want to express that love, there is a special handshake involved. The man will look longingly at the woman's right pinky-nail, and love it all the more. In turn, she will hide it from his sight, in order to save this lustful deed for marriage. However, if she is feeling frisky she will caress his clavical with her forefinger, thus the deed is done.

Not being brought up like a proper young lady, marcy gave in to 1 1/2 base.

Oh man, that chick just went to 1 1/2 base with me. Tomorrow I hope for 2 3/4 base. Yeaahh

See second base, third base, first base, love, marriage, pinky, lust, frisky, clavical


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