What is 1773?


part of L33t Sp34K,

Antonym of 1337 or l33t,

fucking retarded/gay/stupid,

used espcially for sumthing or sum1 nub

Sch00l is so fucking 1773.

D00d st0p acting like a 1773 nubshit j00bler.


Origin: English

Mistaken for 1337 by a nub AOL user attempting to mock the celebrated nocturnal culture of Counter Strike Players.

Definition (created by the ones "mocked" by the nub): (n) a nublet

(adj) something nubbie or stupid

(adj) as of or relating to being a nub


Person: I know you and your CS type

Person: always thinking your 1773

Example: damn those 1773 nubs were fucking 1773, they need to re evaluate their 1773 lives

PS: clan face pwns j00 (-_-)


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