2 By 4

What is 2 By 4?


A phrase i created that means a girl who is flat on both side(no boobs or ass) and is very skinny.

"Woah, Amber is such a 2 by 4."

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The cornerstone piece of the unholy lego empire.

Hand me that red 2 by 4 piece over there.

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The art of performing sexual intercourse on a 4 legged animal, via the butt hole.

Call a "2 by 4" because a human has 2 legs, where as animals have 4

"Dude, Mark totally performed a successful 2 by 4 on Jamie's dog last night"

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2X4 - A girl who is flat on both side(no boobs or ass) and is very skinny.

Whoa, Ambers such a 2 by 4.

See flat, skinny, bony, anorexic


twenty four ounce can of beer

I went to the store and asked the person behind the counter for a meal packand she gave me a 2 by 4 and a BC Powder.(for the buzz)

See Ben


Nickname for people with their eyes really far apart. You can put a 2 by 4 between their eyes and they can still see.

Hey! Check out 2 by 4 over there!

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