What is 1918?


The year that the curse of Babe Ruth was put into effect. Supposedly broken when the Red Sox won in 2004, it was, in fact, only redefined: apparently the way it works is that the Red Sox will only win the World Series every 86 years.

Save your strength, Red Sox fans. Come 2090, you can burn down your city all over again.


the year world war one ended

teacher when did world war one end?

in 1918

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The year in which World War Iended. Also the second-to-last time that the Boston Red Sox won the World Series; i.e.: the last time that they won the World Series without an innocent bystander being fatally shot in the face during a post-American League Championship victory riot; i.e.: the last time that they won the World Series without a certain group of their fans having blood on their hands.

Victoria Snelgrove, age 21, died at the hands of Boston riot police after Game 7 of the 2004 American League Championship Series. She was shot in the face with a blunt trauma/pepper spray projectile when a victory celebration outside of Fenway Park soon descended into hooliganism. Red Sox outfielder Trot Nixon said he would have traded back Boston's victory in the ALCS to bring her back.


A now obselete insult used by fans of the New York Yankees. Prior to the 2004 World Series, the Red Sox had not won a World Series since 1918. Some say that the Red Sox trading Babe Ruth so that the owner could fund a broadway play was the cause of a curse, which ended the Red Sox dynasty of the early 20th century, and would cause them to lose when they DID reach the World Series. The same people who thought up this 'curse' crap also wear tinfoil hats to protect against government mind control satellites.

Unfortunately for Yankees fans, they will have to think up a more unique insult to cheer at Red Sox-Yankees games at the Stadium, because with the departure of Pedro Martinez, the 'Whos Your Daddy' chant has lost it's meaning.

Yankees Fan: 1918! 1918!

Red Sox Fan: 2004! 2004! The year we won again, and the Yankees performed the biggest choke in the history of sports!

Yankees Fan: DOH! Oh well, you won't win next year since The Boss is going to cake over our multi-million dollar roster with an even MORE multi-million dollar roster, further ruining what little chemistry our all-star team has!

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The year that the Curse of Babe Ruth was put into effect, which it still is. The way it works is that the Boston Red Sox will never win the World Series unless an innocent bystander gets fatally shot in the face by the Boston Police with a beanbag full of pepper spray during a riot.

Thus will begin a new custom in Boston where, at the beginning of each season, the townsfolk will bust up the neighborhood surrounding Fenway Park while the police sacrifice a virgin on the pitcher's mound. All in the name of beating the Yankees.


a year/number that now means absolutely nothing

Yankoff fan: 1918!!!

Sox fan: What the hell are you talking about? Yo John listen to this guy he's yelling random years at me, get a life loser!

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Rebuttal used by moronic sports fans of the New York Yankeeswhen anyone from the city of Boston, be they Red Soxfan or otherwise, expresses anything less than adulation for baseball's most fiscally immodest franchise.

Bahstonian: My, Derek Jeter's batting average is rather low this year, isn't it?

Noo Yawker: Uh, yeah? Well, uh, 1918!!!!!


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