What is 1990?


first year of the 90s

everyone born this year is pretty much a BAMF.

person 1: what year were you born?

person 2: 1990.

person 1: whoa, youz a bamf.

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A breakdancing move that was invented in the mid 1980s. Various origins for the name include it being thought of as what would be "the move of the 90s", but who named the move and why is a matter of opinion.

Essentially the move is a spinning, one handed handstand. It is usually performed without the other hand touching the ground for the duration of the spin, which can be more than 10 rotations.

Variations include the 2000, where both hands are clasped together below the head and spun on making balance more difficult.

"Have you seen Joe's 1990s? He can get six rotations now!"

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