What is 1991?


A year in which many things happened. The USSRceased to exist. The world wide webcame in to being. Nirvanareleased their "Nevermind" album leading to the grunge fashion trends that would follow. Also its the same backwards as it is forwards (i think that's kinda cool) The first gulf war was going on, and the first George Bush was president.

he was born in 1991

1991 and the rest of the 90s provided many technological advances

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The "Original" U.S. War(Desert Storm/Gulf War) last's 2 1/2 months

African American Los Angelino Rodney King is caught on video getting Beat down by the LAPD,

Paul "Pee-Wee" Herman.....Need i say more,

Commusism ends in Russia Boris Yeltsin is elected president of that nation,

Milwaukee Serial Killer Jeffrey Dahmer is Caught later gets killed by an inmate in prison,

The Super Nintendo Video game system is released,


MLB:Minnesota Twins win The World Series

NFL:New York Giants are the 1990 Superbowl Champions

NBA:The Begining of the Jordan era in NBA as the Chicago Bulls win their first Title

NASCAR:Ernie Irvan wins the Daytona 500, Dale Earnhardt wins his 5th NASCAR Winston CUP Championship, one of my Favorite drivers Ken Schrader win's the last two of his only four Winston CUP Victory's

IRL: Indy 500 Winner:Ricky Mears

that (Above) in a nutshell was alot of 1991

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