.50 Caliber

What is .50 Caliber?


.50 caliber rifle=effective and accurate over 1000 yards and very powerful. Can penetrate concrete and 1 inch plate sleel. Primarily used in competition and military and police applications. Rifle weighs 25-35 pounds, and is available in single, bolt, and semi-auto. The belt-fed .50 cal auto can be mounted to vehicles, ships, and war-planes. The cheapest .50 cal is around $3,000.00 (US) and is single shot only. Must be fired with a bi-pod or benchrest from the shoulder.

.50 caliber black powder=slow and good to about 100 yards, comparable to a 12 gauge slug. Can kill most medium to large game. Loaded from the muzzle; the primer, powder and bullet (sabot), are loaded one at a time. Primarily used for hunting. This weapon is available for under $200.00 (US).

.50 AE=handgun cartridge for the Desert Eagle semi-auto, camparable to the .44magnum, maybe good to 50yards. A little too much recoil to get an effective follow-up shot for personal defense. Too heavy and large to conceal. A "look what kind of gun I have" gun. Not very pratical for any application, except show and tell. You can get a Desert Eagle for around $1,100.00 (US), the gold tiger-striped DE goes for $1,800 (US). Magnum Research.

.500=the largest caliber REVOLVER available, with a scope, this handgun can be accurate to over 250 yards. Primarily used for hunting and protection in the wild. Available in stainless only, prices start at $800.00 (US)on up. Taurus and Smith & Wesson.

Jerry was having the time of his life when he got to shoot the .50 at the range.

Steve was pissed when he missed the buck of his life when he missed with his .50 caliber black powder.

I'll know that I have made it when I can blow $1,500 on a DE .50AE show gun.

The bear was pissed and chased me until I opened up his chest cavity with 6 shots from my .500.

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A highly powerful caliber of bullet used in big boy rifles,anti aircraft guns, machine guns ,and few hand guns like the IMI Desert Eagle. It can pierce through body armor and lightly armored vehicles.

My Desert Eagle .50 cal will cut through that skimpy kevlar.


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