2 Cigarette Meal

What is 2 Cigarette Meal?


"A 2 Cigarette Meal" is a meal that is so good, or so large, that it is imidiately followed bu the smoking of 2 cigarettes as opposed to the standard single cigarette. Usualy it is a meal that is either very spicy like mexican or asian cuisine. A Thanksgiving feast usually falls into this category too as most ppl over eat and must chainsmoke 2 or more cigarettes afterwards to speed up the digestion process.

{2 ppl sittin at On The Border after a huge meal.}

Person 1: "Wow! That was a feast man."

Person 2: "Ya, my mouth is on fire from that hot sauce. Im stuffed."

Person 1: "Ya, that was definately a 2 cigarette meal"

Person 2" "Well light it up then."

See smoke, eat, mexican food, feast


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