460 Club

What is 460 Club?


This is the weight added between two individuals while doing the following. While your friend is doing a pie missionary, the pie is screaming and desires more and harder of a ram. You then stand on the bed and turn around and sit on your friends ass looking the opposite way. Then in unison, you begin bouncing and pounding the pie. This gives the added weight necessary to give the pie the desired harder ram. 460 refers to the total weight of the two gentlemen on top of her (210 + 250 = 460).

After dumping the crazy pro, Mickey and JB were left with a pro named Rain. After 16 strands of beads, she still desired more. JB jumped on Mickey ass and they began 460'in. JB slapping both there asses like they were thoroughbreds to insure a proper finish. Remember, the 460 club always ends in laughter and brings any relationship closer.


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