21 Club

What is 21 Club?


The 21 Club is a selective student group at Princeton University, predating the majority of the eating clubs currently in operation at the University. Although it is unclear when exactly the group was formed, the earliest public evidence for the club indicates that it has been operating at Princeton for over 70 years. Notable alumni of the 21 Club include James Baker, Bill Bradley, Donald Rumsfeld, and Alan Blinder.

The club itself takes 21 new members per year, with 20 of them coming from four of the bicker clubs on Prospect Ave - Cottage, Cap, Ivy, and TI. One member each year is an independent representative. Each selection for new members is made by each of the prior year's members. Initiation into the club takes place very early the morning after Winter formals in the club which represents the losing member of the prior year's initiation event. The details of the event are largely secret, but a few details of the event/competition are known.

During the night of winter formals, every incoming member of the club is hazed by the member passing down his bid to the aforementioned member. The hazing acts include drinking bottles of vodka, gin, and whiskey, among others. The morning after winter formals, all 42 members assemble in the eating club determined to be the host the year before. At this time, the competition begins. Members must remain in their sectioned off region, with the rest of the members representing the same eating club. Beers are consumed every minute, with one minute breaks in between. Vomiting is not allowed during the first minute, carrying with it a penalty of one extra beer for every vomit during the first minute of drinking. Vomiting is allowed during the minute off. However, once a contestant vomits, he is eliminated from the contest. Vomiting, peeing, and shitting on other members is not only condoned but recommended. The object of the event is to be the last member to puke. Officer positions exist for the club, but the requirements to gain these positions is unknown. Once the event is over and the incoming class has completed the event, usually consisting of approximately 30 beers in an extremely short time period, they are issued 21 club cards. These cards allow them to gain entrance into any of the eating clubs on the street on any given night, for any given reason.

"You know that kid in 21 club? What a slob."

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