100 Cup

What is 100 Cup?


This is a special game of beirut, items needed:

1)204 solo cups (just get the huge pack from costco)

2)2 x 30 racks of your choice

3)At least 4 ping pong balls (you will loose some)

4)A 8 foot folding table (can't do it with anything smaller)

5)8 people divided into two teams of 4

In this game the cups are aligned in a square on each side of the table, 100 cups per side. In the middle of the table place a row of empty cans two cans high, this will add to the challenge of hitting the front cups. Each side will need to be filled using the 30 rack... 30 beers, 100 cups, 4 people to drink them. The game is begun just like beirut except that 4 people play per side. The cups may not be racked until 36 cups remain (this will prove to be a challenge!) Once a team is down to 36 cups, only then can the team get the balls back if they all make a cup. The rest of the racks should be agreed upon before starting the game. Have fun!! this game lasts about 1.5-2 hours depending on how fast you take turns.

-Dude lets organize a game of 100 cup tonight.

-No man we got an exam tomorrow

-You are a pussy, I will find somebody else to play for you

-Noooo, I will be there dont worry

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