56 Cup Beer Pong

What is 56 Cup Beer Pong?


(n) A game of beer pong in which 56 cups are used. The cups are lined up in seven rows of eight. There are three players per team. Each player has a "designated cup" on their side. That cup must be filled with beer to the very top. When the opposing team shoots a ball into that cup, the player who chose that cup as his "designated cup" must chug it immediately--the game does not continue until the cup is empty. If all three players on a team make a cup, the balls are "brought back" and that team gets to shoot again. If a ball lands and stays on top of the area where the brims of four cups meet, all four cups are considered hit. Bouncing is NOT two cups. No gentelman's shots. Two balls in the same cup does not end the game--the shooter of the second ball that went in gets to shoot again. Approximate game time is 45 minutes.

Tom, Fini, and Riebel are the ultimate 56 cup beer pong champions...even though Tom was stupid enough to play with Jungle Juice instead of beer. He ended up with his face licking the toilet bowl the rest of the night. Riebel held the team together by hitting every cup his team requested. Fini...well Fini was doing pretty bad but was still happy either way because it was his 20th birthday.

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