21 Cup

What is 21 Cup?


a totally amazing, insanely awesome, jacked-up version of beer pong invented by some seriously smart (and seriously hot) babes from Bing.

21 cup is played with 21 cups each side of the table (a longggg table, naturally), and three people to a team. each teammate is paired up against the opponent directly across the table from them. there are 3 balls in play (1 for each set of opponents). 21 cup is a constant gameplay, there are no team turns. at the start, one team possesses two balls, each player on the outside of the table holding them. the opposing team's middle player holds the third ball. once gameplay starts, it doesn't stop til all the cups for one team are gone!

pretty much, you shoot your ball and attempt to land it in a cup. if you do, your opponent must drink that cup. once he has, he can shoot the ball. HE MUST DRINK THE ENTIRE CUP BEFORE SHOOTING! then it is his turn to do the same to you.

all you care about is your opponent. you don't drink for anyone else's cups and you just keep shooting (and drinking) as fast as you can to quickly eliminate all the cups on the other side before the opposing team does so to your cups.

1. bounces count, but not for 2 cups.

2. if you land your ball in a cup that your teammate just landed a ball in and hasn't been drank yet, they now each have to drink a cup.

3. if you shoot before drinking, you get the ball back and have to re-shoot. any cups you made are irrelevant and do not count.

4. if you are a total pussy and can't handle drinking a cup before shooting, you can pass your cup, but you must wait for the drinker to finish drinking it until you can shoot.

5. cups knocked off the table count, SO CATCH THEM. cups caught get refilled and are still in play.

6. there is NO rebuttle in 21 cup. if both teams make the last cup at the same time (yeah right) you both win and are both on the table for next game.

run along, fetch some cups and a whole lot of beer, and enjoy!

Keri: I was on the table for 8 straight games of 21 cup last night...

Crystal: Yeah, I know. I was standing right next to you....

Keri: Damn, I thought you were Katrina the whole night... that game gets you sooo f*cked up!

Katrina: KERI! I WASSSS standing right next to you the whole night! I was the other player on your OTHER side!!!

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Just like beerpong but with 21 cups per person and 3 people on a team.

Picture how drunk you are after one game of beerpong then times that by 7.

21 cup is for the champs of beerpong and only the most strong and amazing drinkers can handle it.

It was invented by three sexy girls who will go down in history as the best females to ever grace the earth.

KeriLee, Crystal, and Katrina.

We bow down to you.

Tom - I want to get so drunk that I have a stroke.

Tim - Lets play 21 cup.

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