What is &&?


An annoying conjuction that many myspacepeople use. It makes absolutely no sense to use an ampersand twice in a row, but people just do it to be trendyXcore.

The "&&", "<3", and "x{insert random number}" is the trifecta of stupid annoying myspace shit that, when combined, creates a truly horrific sentence.

pronounced "and and"

I <333 robots && dinosaurs x6295732534!!!

oMg lYkE cOmMenT mY nEW pIctUrEz && i'LL tOt4llY cOmMent bAk!!!!111!! lOlzz!!1

For more examples, you can look at practically every myspace ever created.

See myspace, &, gay, trendy


In some programming languages, this is used to perform logical 'and' on two things. In others, it's used for short-circuit logical operation.

0 && 0 = 0

0 && 1 = 0

1 && 0 = 0

1 && 1 = 1

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The proper use of the "&&" is in continuation of a previous statement. The trendy kids tend to misuse this punctuation by throwing it in everywhere. It should not be used every time one uses an ampersand. It's really something which can be used more to reply to something someone else said.

example a).

"last night we saw a movie

&& picnic-k-ed in the park."

example b).

alice: "& tonight everyone knew

something was off --

tall kid giggled about getting drunk..."

nikki: "everything is always off.

& everyone knows it.

&& getting drunk isn't funny.

(okay, well, sometimes...)"

See &, myspace


A common term used by preps and often by Myspacers who have literally no lives and are trying to put on a sad attempt to be hXc or 1337.

Usually accompanied with terms such as:



` instead of the apostrophe


or a number of X's and a MyspaceID/Friend number.

sometimes used with "Oh em gee!" and is commonly said outloud (see examples).

Did you see that new bag Sarah had? I totally && hearted it!

OMG! My boyfriend broke up with me today && he never said I &hearts; you! :

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An annoying habit that young kids are incapable of getting over. It's not original, it's not cute, stop it.

ughhh she calledd me a bitch !

&& shes suchs an ugglyyyy whoreee3eeeelkjlfkjlfjklk !!!

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A trend going around in myspacethat people think is cool although it doesn`t even make sense because it is proper to only have one conjunction in a sentence. It is also used just anywhere on myspaceeven at the beginning of sentences or wherever the hell those stupid myspacerswant to seem cool.

1) && ii L0VE u BABiiE;;

2) I &heart; myspace && shopping! <3334

3) so like i said blah and and he said that and and then we like broke up and and he never called me and and stuff.

See &, myspace, prep, teen


A very trendy saying used on myspace, aim, pretty much everywhere on the internet, and in public.

Used in quotes a lot, and at the end of sentences.

I &hearts; you && wanna be with you foreverr<3

See myspace, love, &hearts;, trendy, ober


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