What is 2-10?


The second letter of the alphabet, the 10th letter of the alphabet... if you are unfamiliar with that, here's the alphabet, with the second and tenth letters capitalized...

a B c d e f g h i J k l m o p q r s t u v w x y z.

If you are still that daft, try this:

B. J.

or Blow Job.

<Girl> Oooh baby! How about a 2-10?

<Camel_Kid> Fuck yeah!

See Camel_Kid


Blueballs. In pool, the 2 and 10 are the blue balls.

We were making out last night, but all I got was the ol' 2-10.

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A day raping shift worked at any job

i had to work 2-10 on Saturday, i have no life


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