What is 2-10-2?


1. (Adj) Term Coined by the US Military Servicemen decribing any person who is unattractive stateside, becomes attrative during deployment overseas, due to the law of scarcity, and returns to being grossly unattractive upon return from deployment.

similar to the 10@2 rule, but for a longer duration.

2. (n.) any person who can can be sescribed as a 2-10-2:

2 at home

10 in the desert

2 when they get back

(1)soldier1: dude, stacy looks so hot!

soldier 2: i don't know dude; 2-10-2.

(2)marine: man, i'm so desperate that i could hit a 2-10-2.

See military, fuggly, 2-10-2, attractiveness


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