What is 2-2?


.22 caliber.

A small rimfire cartridge, used for target shooting.

Three variations of .22 caliber exist: .22k (short), .22lr (long rifle), and .22WinMag (Winchester Magnum).

Sometimes used incorrectly to refer to a derringer, which is often chambered in a larger caliber.

"He didnt think I was packing, so I busted out my 2-2 and copped me a 187"


The female genitalia. Comprised of two inner lips and two outer lips, which make up the 2-2. Also known as {tutu}, or two-two, this term is often used in place of more crude choices such as {pussy}, {cunt}, or when speaking to children - in place of anotomically scary or mature words such as {vagina}.

"Let's {69}! I will put my mouth on your {tool}, and you can put your mouth on my 2-2!"

"Okay Sally, remember that when you take a bath, you have to wash your 2-2 really well."

See two-two, tutu, snatch, koochie


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