36 Degrees

What is 36 Degrees?


Used to refer to two people who are not in good terms.

The origin is an indian phrase "chattis ka akada" because the letters 3 and 6 in Devnagari script (and to some extent in Latin too) looks like they have their backs to each other

Ever since the election, its been 36 degrees between McCain and Palin. Maybe it's because he denied Sarah Palin a speaking role on election night.

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When your feeling pissed off because nothing is going your way, when you see the girl you fancy in the arms of another man, when you feel as if all the luck in the world is against you, when your breathing to live and nothing else your feeling 36degrees the. originally derived from the placebo song "36 degrees". can be enhanced to "when silver turns to blue im thirty six degrees under without you." in a word when your pissed off cause your gf got laid with another guy.

guy1: hows it going?

guy2: my gf got fucked by that pimp down the road

guy1: jesus man that sucks balls!

guy2: yeah im feeling 36 degrees at the moment

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