365 Divided By 52

What is 365 Divided By 52?


Actually, there are 52 weeks of seven days plus one extra day per non-leap year. If you check consecutive non-leap years, you might notice that each date moves forward one day. This is due to the 365th day.

8/23/06 was a Wednesday, 8/23/07 will be a Thursday

365 divided by 52 = 7.019.

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If there are 52 weeks each of seven days in one year, and a year is 365 days, then surely 365 over 52 must be equal to seven, right? Wrong. Besides there actually being 365.24 days in a year (See leap yearfor the reason) there are 51 weeks and four days in a year (five days in a leap year).

Interesting, eh?

No, not really, you old fart.

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