5 Dollar Game

What is 5 Dollar Game?


A game for singles in which you and a partner compete for 5 dollars.

Throughout the course of an evening, two people attempt to hook up with/ make out with another person in order to win 5 dollars.

Rules are as follows:

-If you do not hook up with anyone > you owe your partner 5 dollars

-if your partner hooks up with someone > you owe them 5 dollars

- both partners have a 2 person maximum, meaning (for your wallets sake) the most you can lose in one night is 15 dollars)

-if you both successfully hook up with someone > you are even (each owing each other 5 dollars)... same goes if you both fail to hook up with someone

You are not required to be at the same location as your partner, however it can help the competitive atmosphere.

This game can also be played with smaller amounts of money.

Players are allowed to keep tabs on how much money is owed and work to repay their partner over time if necessary.

Here are some possible scenarios:

scenario 1: Todd and Betty go to a party on thursday agreeing to play the 5 dollar game. By the end of the night, Todd has hooked up with 2 different people. Betty has only hooked up with 1. Betty owes Todd 10 dollars, Todd owes Betty 5 dollars. Therefore. Todd ends the night with 5 dollars and Betty breaks even.

Scenario 2: Kendra and Steve go to a bar and agree to play the 5 dollar game. By the end of the night Steve has not managed to hook up with anyone, However Kendra happens to find just what she's looking for in 1 very special person and gets lucky. At the end of the night Steve owes Kendra 5 dollars for her victory and owes her another 5 dollars as his penalty for not getting any action. Poor Steve!

Senario 3: Dolly and Tanya decide to play the 5 dollar game at the next big party. The party is over before either of them have a chance to score. Now, They each owe the other 5 dollars. These fees cancel themselves out. Both leave the party with the same amount of cash that they started with!

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the act of convincing a 9 year old boy to put his fist elbow deep in his coaches ass and reciving a 5 dollar reward.

and after i played the 5 dollar game with coach, it was your turn

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