808 Drums

What is 808 Drums?


Or an "808" refer to the Roland TR-808 Rythem Machine that was popular in the 80s and 90s.

The 808 became popular because they could be opened up and "de-tuned" with a few knobs to produce diffrent sounds and outputs that would other wise not be possible from the 808. Commonly used to produce very low leaky sounding bass.

artists who use or refrence the 808 include: The Bestie Boys, Sir Mix Alot, Cypress Hill, Tom Jones, Afriak Bambaataa

more info can be found at the synthmuseum

nothing sounds quite like an 808.

See ben


An old school drum machine that was popular in the 80 + 90 influencing rap and hip-hop

Chrome Hydraulics 808 Drums

You dont want, none


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